When Hip Hop replicates Qawwali Music

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Electric QawwaliWhat happens when a hip hip beat collaborates with tabla to create Qawwali music?  Answer : Electric Qawwali.  Gurpreet Chana, the Toronto based Tabla player, collaborates with Sammy Chand to create a new version of the music the two musicians love so much.  One night at Sammy’s studio, Gurpreet and Sammy were listening to old Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan recordings when they were inspired to create something different that paid homage to the legend, and it resulted in an instrumental that was first released on the Karmacy album.

Even though it was the only instrumental on the Karmacy album, it was the 3rd most downloaded track from the CD!

Check it out here : id666324781



Sammy Chand is a Los Angeles, CA based music producer and film composer.