Sold Wraps Sound Mix

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Sammy Chand is the music supervisor of the film Sold and has been working alongside John McDowell on the score of the film.  He’s also been composing music, but you’ll also hear other stuff that you’re familiar with.   Also featured in this film are Salim and Sulaiman of India, Midival Punditz, Chebbi Sabbah and more.

Sammy will be working alongside Jane Charles, the Producer, to collaborate with the music community in its outreach of the film.  Expect to see some synergy with some great charities and causes that find relevance in the Human Trafficking fight.

Stay tuned as the soundtrack and other components come together.

For more information, check out SOLD :  SoldTheMovie.Com



Sammy Chand is a Los Angeles, CA based music producer and film composer.