Sandeep – From the Outside

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Sandeep first met Sammy when Sandeep was a member of Penn Masala, the Indian a capella group out of the University of Pennsylvania. Years later, Sandeep would pass Sammy his demo, which included early versions of the songs Mean Anything, Stay With Me & Just Breathe. With Sammy’s guidance as Executive Producer, From the Outside was released in 2009


  1. Just Breathe feat. Sundanse
  2. Mean Anything
  3. Jerseyfied
  4. Truth Be Told
  5. She Knows It
  6. Dangerous feat. Sly Boogy
  7. Something Strange
  8. Fly High, Swing Low
  9. Stay With Me
  10. Nothing Changes


Sammy Chand is a Los Angeles, CA based music producer and film composer.